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New “Unprecedented Crime” Book should shake up Trump

Even more than Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

We have established that the decades-long blocking and lying about the scientific evidence on the dangers of human-caused global warming has been deliberate.”
— Carter and Woodworth
ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, June 5, 2018 / -- Nobody in the mainstream media ever asks President Trump if he is perpetrating an unprecedented crime on future generations.

Not even after he announced his new rescue plan for coal last week.

The most uncomfortable questions about greenhouse gases are almost never broached:

• the shocking rise in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which surpassed 410 parts per million in the spring of 2017.
• record sea-surface temperatures
• the rapid decline in Arctic ice in the summer
• deadly hurricanes, longer and more devastating forest fire seasons, and unprecedented flooding of seaside and riverside cities around the world
• disturbing impacts of deforestation on the Earth's capacity to retain carbon

But what if, in fact, Trump and politicians like him around the world are committing a crime of immense proportions on the young and those yet to be born?

What if this can be demonstrated through the relationship between humanity’s increasing greenhouse gas emissions and the extreme weather events that are growing in frequency and duration?

Would the mainstream media become an accessory to the crime through its acquiescence?

These are some of the issues raised in an extraordinary new book, "Unprecedented Crime: Climate Science Denial and Game Changers for Survival," by British Columbia authors Dr. Peter D. Carter and Elizabeth Woodworth.

A viral review by editor Charlie Smith in Vancouver’s iconic watch-dog weekly, "The Georgia Straight," headlined “New Unprecedented Crime Book Should Send Shudders Up and Down the Spine of Justin Trudeau,” first made these very points in relation to the Canadian Prime Minister, and noted:

"The global climate change emergency deserves and requires a rapid global emergency response," Carter and Woodworth declare…. “What's more…it would be criminally negligent to do otherwise. And they point out that information about the threat has been publicly available for nearly four decades.

"During the last ten UN climate conferences, the large GHG-polluting national governments not only committed the crime of omission by failing to protect their citizens from climate disruption: they blocked and delayed action needed to save vulnerable non-polluting nations from CO2-induced havoc already underway," they write.

Smith asks, “Do the politicians have blood on their hands?”

"We have established that the decades-long blocking and lying about the scientific evidence on the dangers of human-caused global warming has been deliberate," Carter and Woodworth write. "So the question arises, how many people have been, or will be, hurt or killed by climate change?"

“The answer, according to a DARA International report, was 400,000 deaths each year, with that expected to rise to 600,000 by 2030 as a result of climate change.

“The authors close by declaring that high-emitting national governments "are continuing to sacrifice our survival—and the survival of all future generations—for fossil fuel corporate profit that includes untold oil for military operations subsidized with our money".

“They say it's time for ordinary people who love their children to demand a stop to this and embrace the solutions outlined in the book.

“Are Trump and Trudeau listening?

“If not, they might one day find themselves before a court of law explaining their actions in front of a judge.”

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